Seminarreihe BILL – Biomedical Lectures Leipzig

Vorschau 2017

19.10.2017 Prof. Franck Toledo

The Guardian of the Genome revisited : p53 down-regulates genes required for telomere
maintenance, DNA repair and centromere structure
02.11.2017 Dr. Kristin Seltmann
Institute of Molecular Health Sciences
ETH Zürich
Humidity-regulated CLCA2 protects the epidermis from hyperosmotic stress: Implications for Atopic Dermatitis
09.11.2017 Prof. Pascale Bomont
Institute for Neurosciences, Montpellier
Gigaxonin acts as the Intermediate Filament killer: mechanisms to disease implication
23.11.2017 Prof. Dietmar Thal
KU Leuven
Laboratory for Neuropathology
Histological and biochemical stageing of Alzheimer’s disease
07.12.2017 Prof. Susanne Hartmann
Freie Universität Berlin
Institute for Immunology
Centre for Infection Medicine
title to be announced
14.12.2017 Prof. Andreas Thum
Universität Leipzig
Institut für Biologie
The mini-brain of the Drosophila larvae - how learning and memory occurs
11.01.2018 N.N

25.01.2018 Dr. Gerd Müller
Universität Leipzig
Molekular Onkologie
Mechanisms of cell cycle-dependent gene regulation

Ort: Sächsischer Inkubator für klinische Translation (SIKT) Philipp-Rosenthal-Str. 55, 04103 Leipzig
Zeit: 17 Uhr

Wir laden Sie herzlich ein;
Prof. Dr. Thomas Magin, Prof. em. Dr. Sunna Hauschildt, Prof.em. Dr. Frank Emmrich